VMware delivers efficient use of your physical environment. VMware is the leader in the field of automation and virtualization. VMware virtualization software creates an effective ecosystem for deployment of virtual infrastructure that simplifies the entire IT environment and delivers significant savings and efficiency to customers.

VMware solutions enable simple and flexible deployment of new virtual servers, and the maximum use of physical resources. In addition to that, virtual architecture simplifies migration during standard maintenance or downtime, and thereby minimizes the risk of service drop-outs.

Key benefits

  • Reliability of work environment
  • Reduced infrastructure operational costs
  • Fast migration between environments
  • Consolidation of physical devices
  • Use of multiple operating systems at the same time
  • Consolidation of server services
  • Application testing without use of a production system
  • Possibility of creating computer networks and their topology on one device
  • Simple operation of virtual environments
  • Option of work with incompatible software

Product portfolio

  • VMware vSphere – enterprise class software for building enterprise virtual infrastructure
  • VMware ESXi – free professional class software for building enterprise virtual infrastructure
  • VMware NSX – software for data centre network virtualization
  • VMware Virtual SAN – enterprise class software for building virtual storage solutions
  • VMware Fusion – software for building virtual desktop solutions

What next?

Are you wondering what benefits using VMware products can bring to your company? Send us an email or call at 220 611 111 . We would be more than happy to have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs and options.