Who wants to waste time travelling, when you can have meetings online? With Huawei videoconferencing products, you don’t need to be afraid of drop-outs or embarrassing video freezes.

Telepresence solutions are designed with regard to contemporary requirements of high-speed interaction and realization of important and very quick decisions. Parameters such as HD, security, stability, interoperability, and high capacity of the solution enable interconnection of individual remote users by way of real-time transmission.

Huawei videoconferencing products are widely adopted in sectors such as telemedicine, distance learning, remote control, and in scenarios with requirements for intensive interaction and co-operation.

Our comprehensive solutions consist of videoconferencing infrastructure deployment, complex systems of elements for mounting at videoconferencing and telepresence rooms, and last but not least, videoconferencing endpoint devices and peripherals.

The main advantages of Huawei videoconferencing systems

  • Czech language localization for all endpoint devices
  • All-in-one concept for TE30/TE20 model (codec, camera, and microphone in one device)
  • Wireless presentation sharing support
  • Wireless microphone support
  • MultiView technology support

Huawei also provides, just as in other product portfolio areas, a comprehensive solution for videoconferencing technologies (on premise/virtualized infrastructure, fixed/mobile terminals, smart accessories, etc.).

Huawei videoconferencing solutions provide the same features as those provided by competitive manufacturers, offer full communication compatibility with other manufacturers’ devices, and at the same time, bring some unique smart solutions that can’t be found on competitors’ devices – all for very reasonable initial costs, and with guaranteed complex support.

Product portfolio

  • Mobile terminals
  • Classic fixed terminals (team and personal)
  • Infrastructure
  • MCU multipoint servers
  • RSE Recording & Streaming servers
  • Management servers (SMC)
  • Traversal and UC servers (SC)
  • Other components for integration, billing, etc.

What next?

See for yourself that videoconferencing with Huawei systems can run without any inconvenient technological breaks.

Let’s hear from you! We would be more than happy to show you the products. We can have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs.

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