IT is no longer an area that is just concerned with servers and disk arrays delivery. We are fully aware of this fact. At the same time, we bear in mind that Huawei solutions don’t always have to be fully sufficient and convenient in such a comprehensive segment.

For this reason, our portfolio offers suitable complementary technologies that always belong at the top of the given segment. We are partners with major companies, such as NetAppVMware, and Commvault, which represent a suitable technology alternative or completion that leads to customer satisfaction.

Product portfolio

  • Huawei OceanStor unified disk arrays
  • Huawei OceanStor and Dorado FullFlash disk arrays
  • Huawei servers
  • Huawei SAP HANA servers
  • NetApp disk arrays
  • VMware virtualization
  • Commvault backup
  • Huawei FusionCube private cloud systems
  • Modular data centres

Huawei OceanStor

The world’s most powerful block disk array at present, with the ability to achieve performance of 6,000,572 IOPS. All OceanStor arrays, from Low-end 2200 v3 up to High-end 18000 v5, share the same OS, and hence are competent to reach absolutely unique federation (replication, migration, Lun Copy etc.).

Huawei selfmade SSD disks

Huawei manufactures disks for disk arrays itself, and so accomplishes significantly lower prices of flash arrays, compared to the competitors. Using Huawei’s own created Hi1812 controller chips for SAS and NVMe SSD provides a unique performance, low energy consumption, and long product lifetime.

Huawei Dorado

The world’s most powerful All-Flash block disk array (providing performance of 7,000,000 IOPS at 0.5 ms) that uses both classic SAS SSD and NVMe disks, and is scalable up to 16 controllers and 16TB cache.


The american manufacturer of one of the world’s most powerful NAS platforms. NetApp platforms can be used both in on-premise environments, and public cloud data services, allowing the customer to easily migrate from his current data centre to e.g. the Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, or GCP. StorageGRID is a NetApp storage object that is scalable up to tens of PB, and is widely used for PACS (picture archiving and communication system) in large hospitals all over the world.

Learn more about NetApp technology>>

Huawei X6000 MultiNode servers

Intended for Hadoop Clusters and maximal usage of rack space.

Huawei G5500 GPU servers

Intended for HPC and AI, with the possibility of installing up to 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® PCIe or SXM2 V100/P100/P40/P4.


A backup platform with the extensive support of various OS, hypervisors, cloud environments and databases, with unique archiving features, and the possibility of using a cost-effective All-In-One Appliance.

Learn more about Commvault technology>>

What next?

What can you try right now within our DEMO?

In our DEMO environment, we are able to lend you, for example:

  • OceanStor v3/v5 disk array
  • 1U and 2U Huawei rack servers
  • Commvault backup
  • VMware vSphere and vCenter, vSAN and WorkSpace ONE
  • VMware NSX
  • Veeam backup
  • eSight management for the IT environment

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