Surveillance systems

Effective control and automation systems are very important in providing high quality IT services. Providing a balance among quality of service (QoS, SLA), security requirements, and financial investments is an ever more demanding challenge for corporate IT management.

Huawei offers a comprehensive set of software solutions for planning, realization, and IT infrastructure management in corporate clients’ environments. The systems are designed to maintain consistency between constantly developing technologies and the actual needs of the users, simplifying work through a user friendly graphical interface. This results in a secure, powerful, and cost-effective enterprise IT infrastructure environment.

eSight is a management and operation tool for enterprise IT infrastructure in today’s highly comprehensive and fast-evolving environment.

eSight deliveres unified management for a wide range of systems and devices, including:

  • Building security systems
  • Storage products
  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless LAN network components
  • Video surveillance devices
  • IP telephones and videoconferencing systems

The eSight platform is a complex tool that can be deployed in environments with representation of different manufacturers’ products, not just Huawei. The platform enables:

  • Unified sights
  • Information about used and free resources
  • Topology information
  • Malfunction location
  • Performance monitoring
  • Intelligent resource allocation options

In addition to all this, the eSight platform provides opportunities for customising and interoperability with other vendors’ systems, allows customers to build their own personalized management systems, reduce operational and management costs, increase efficiency and productivity.

The main advantages of eSight systems

  • Unified surveillance and management of complete ICT infrastructure (network switches, servers, storage systems, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Videoconferencing solutions surveillance and management support
  • Third-party component support (CISCO, HP, DELL, etc.)
  • Performance-related statistics and surveillance for software application support (operating systems, databases, etc.)
  • Virtualization support and co-operation with VMware ESXi virtualization platform (tools and device surveillance)
  • “Umbrella” systems integration support through an NBI interface


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