IT security is a very extensive area, and there is no single universal solution that could protect the IT systems of any company 100%. Every company has different needs, just as their IT environment, possibilities, and likelihood that someone will try to attack them from outside or inside the network.

Product portfolio

  • NG Huawei firewalls
  • Flowmon
  • Infoblox
  • WMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch)


Everyone has a fairly good idea of what type of traffic goes through the network perimeter (Firewall), but are you aware of what’s happening inside the network? How do your servers communicate with each other, what do users send each other, where do network users access the network? We can show you all of this.

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So you have a DNS server or a DHCP server, but do you really know the load level that your DNS server is subjected to? How many requests can it handle? What about DNS exfiltration? We know how to prevent access to zero day domains, we can limit malware activities through DNS requests, and much more…

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Workspace ONE (AirWatch)

Do you want to restrict the use of cameras in production areas, or prevent connection to unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots? Just let us know. Workspace ONE is the right choice for you. As soon as a mobile phone is detected by corporate Wi-Fi network, its camera is deactivated… this is just one example of the many settings we can set up.

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What next?

What can you try right now within our DEMO?

You can’t just borrow security, so we prefer the PoC option. Are you interested in what flow monitoring deployment can bring you, how can we secure your DNS servers, or discover all the processes happening on your mobile phone? We can show you, install it, test it, explain it, and prepare a report from these tests for your superiors.

Immediately, we can set up the following in your network:

  • Flow monitoring – Flowmon, pasive monitoring of your network environment
  • WMware Workspace ONE – if you are considering an MDM, this is the right choice for you
  • Infoblox – DDI – DHCP security, DNS, and complete IPAM, or on the contrary, you are interested in network visibility using NetRMI
  • NextGeneration USG firewall

Do you want to come and see for yourself that we really know how to protect your data?
Let’s hear from you! We would be more than happy to show you the products, and have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs.

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