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Companies that put their trust in us

Forests of the Czech Republic

We built a robust new network with a 10G backbone and redundant backbone components at the company headquarters, delivered access components for organisational units, built up a robust and reliable Wi-Fi network, and delivered a network security monitoring system based on Flowmon technology.

Bank Of China

We provided complex ICT solution delivery on a greenfield site during branch office construction. That included the implementation of network components, storage systems, servers, videoconference devices, building up the Wi-Fi solution, and redundant UPS solution installation.


We delivered disk arrays and equipment for the company’s new data centre, including CloudEngine 12800 backbone switches.

Athletic Club Sparta Praha

We delivered and implemented the first HighDensity Wi-Fi solution in the Czech Republic, i.e. we provided coverage of all grandstands, including VIP, press box, and club premises and facilities.


We built a new modern Wi-Fi network with a central controller to provide coverage for new offices.


We delivered active components to build up a reliable high-quality FTTB network, as well as our help with implementing new protocols for network redundancy.

Ždár nad Sázavou Castle

We delivered a Wi-Fi network that provides coverage in the castle’s accommodation, with full respect to the historic preservation of the building.

ČD Telematika

We delivered network components for the internal data centre, including data centre switches with 40G/100G port support, and deployed firewalls in redundant HA (A/S) mode.

Czech Television

We built up the 40G backbone between the data centres, and delivered fast disk arrays that allow the running of internal systems and virtual servers.


We delivered disk arrays, including the implementation of the HA solution between localities, and fast data centre 10/40G switches for the connection of servers and disk arrays.


We built up a new robust network with a 10G backbone, redundant backbone components, and a Wave2 Wi-Fi network in the company’s offices. We delivered devices and support for AVAST data centres’ worldwide connection, using TRILL technology and Huawei CloudEngine data centre switches.


We delivered fast 10/40G switches for crossborder connection between Austria and Slovakia, with TRILL technology support.


We delivered and implemented a Flowmon solution for headquarters and branch offices, including deployment of virtual probes for foreign affiliates.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

We delivered access switches for the purposes of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic

We built up the nationwide backbone MPLS network, and made it more robust. We also delivered the supervisory system and flow monitoring.

Prague 1

We provided management and extension of the Wi-Fi network in the premises of the Prague 1 Municipality. We also provided measurement of Wi-Fi radio parameters and radio spectrum optimization.


We delivered servers to build a CEPH cluster on REDHAT technology, including 10/40G data centre CloudEngine series switches.


We delivered server farms, data storage systems, SAP HANA and desktop virtualization tools, and provided support for delivered devices in up to 24×7 mode.

Prague 11

We delivered and implemented a comprehensive network monitoring system, including behavioural analysis deployment, based on evaluating network data flow.

We delivered and implemented a new disk array, and provided an extension to the current array.

CEZ Group

We delivered complete ICT equipment for the corporate data centre in Tušimice, including a network controller for the configuration and management of the SDN network built on VxLAN technology.


We delivered BGP switches that provide the organisation with internet redundant connection using 100G links.

Telco Pro Services

We delivered a reliable nationwide DWDM network, including supervisory tools for commercial deployment in a record-breaking time of four weeks. The data centres are connected with the use of DWDM technology.


We provided delivery and management of the complete ICT infrastructure, including virtualization and backup solution implementation. SAP HANA appliance, its management and backup solution implementation were part of the delivery too.


We delivered a DataRetention solution to provide conformity with the legal requirements for storing information.